No lighting upgrade is complete without evaluating steps to avoid waste by turning off lights when they are not needed.  Automated controls can switch or dim lighting based on parameters such as time and light levels.  Additionally, these systems can monitor the health of light fixtures and report events to a centralized site to optimize maintenance logistics.

TransOne offers an excellent solution for this need with products from Linc Technologies known as netLiNK. netLiNK is a revolutionary two-way Wireless Controller and Remote Monitoring System.  The system is designed specifically to remotely control and monitor site lighting and other lighting and electrical devices.

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netLiNK™ is a revolutionary two-way Wireless Controller and Remote Monitoring System.  The system is designed specifically to remotely control and monitor site lighting and other lighting and electrical devices.  Take full control of each individual fixture no matter how the site is circuited and experience the most savings possible.


  • The system consists of a proprietary base station and 1 to 500 wireless node switches.  Users can dramatically reduce their electrical consumption and costs by precisely controlling the on/off timers of individual devices or groups of devices without rewiring the electrical circuits.
  • With 120-480 VAC power to each node, netLiNK™ can take control of the electrical system without running any new circuits.
  • Each wireless node can be configured with up to four channels of control and monitoring.  This gives each base station the ability to control up to 2,000 individual control points.
  • Custom wall mounted nodes can be designed to provide individual circuit control, eliminating the need for contractor panels while increasing controllability.

The netLiNK™ base station send and receives commands via a secure cellular connection between the cloud-based server and wireless nodes.

  • The commands are distributed wirelessly to the node switches throughout the property and a secure 900MHz mesh network.
  • netLiNK™ monitors the electrical current of the connected devices and sends an alert when a specific device’s current goes into an “abnormal” range.
  • Using proprietary algorithms, netLiNK™ is able to accurately determine whether a lamp or ballast has failed and it notifies the appropriate parties of the alert.  That decreases downtime and gives critical information about the devices immediately, or on a scheduled basis, to managers and owners.

Site Lighting Control System

  • Extended ballast and lamp life
  • Reduce energy consumption in non-peak hours
  • Alert notifications of lamp or ballast outages
  • Central command of all site lighting for entire property portfolios
  • Retrofits into existing electrical systems
  • Tenant retention with improved light levels and maintenance
  • Reduces operating costs, boosting ROI
  • Typical ROI is <18 months
  • Typical energy savings of 50% or more
  • Connect to Datacenter from anywhere!
  • Historical data and energy consumption reports
  • Photocell override for inclement weather
  • Auto-rotation of lamp and ballast choices for even burn time
  • Individual fixture or multi-zone/group control
  • Continuous System Monitoring (CSM)
  • 24/7, 365-day Support via internet, email, phone or fax


The Base Station is a centralized, on-site embedded controller designed to manage and enable remote access to a local area network of up to 500 Wireless Node Switches per System.  Communication to and from backend servers is supported through GSM / GPRS (digital cellular) connectivity, and maintained in a Tier One Data Center.  Communication to and from Nodes is supported through 900 MHz ISM Band.


PARAMETER BASED: Parameters configurable to display data sets based on specific date range, system, site, base station etc
ON DEMAND: Any data set is available on demand with proper login credentials
SCHEDULED: Reports can be emailed to subscriber at scheduled intervals
EXPORT: Formats include Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF and Web Archive


DATA CENTER: Tier One Data Center managed 24 / 7 / 365 with backup
SSL: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), 128 bit encryption
STORAGE: Data stored for a minimum of one year, longer upon request


GLOBALIZATION: Developed for global deployment
APPROVALS: FCC and Industry Canada approved; cETLus approved
CUSTOMIZATION: Ask for details about custom software integration or special connectivity into your specific system, or software package
ALERT NOTIFICATIONS: Power Loss, Connectivity, Lamp, Ballast and signal loss per device
LOCAL OVERRIDE SWITCH: 4-position rotary switch sets operating mode
LED INDICATORS: System power (green), (3) GSM signal strength (green), and Status (tri-color = red / green / blue)
TIME CLOCK: Astronomical time clock with power loss back up and automatic network synchronization
SCHEDULER & CONFIGURATION: Stored on flash memory
INPUT POWER & CONSUMPTION: Non-switched 85 – 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 5 watts +/-
ENCLOSURE TYPE: Gray Fiberglass UL & cUL listed NEMA IP66
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 12.00 T x 10.00 W x 4.74 D @ 8 LBS
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F)
OPERATING HUMIDITY RANGE: 20% – 90% non-condensing
WARRANTY: Limited 2 years
California Title 24 Compliant
Made in U.S.A.


The Node is a switch/relay that sends and receives information wirelessly  to and from the Base Station in the system.  This control system can be installed in new or existing lighting projects.  The system operates on a Point-to-Point network configuration, supporting a maximum range between a Wireless Node and the Base Station is more than 1.5 miles in open air.  Actual distance will vary due to obstructions, terrain and site conditions.


MODULATION: IEEE 802.15.4 Spread Spectrum
OPEN AIR, LINE OF SIGHT RANGE: > 1 mile (optional repeater for greater distances)


GLOBALIZATION: Developed for global deployment
APPROVALS: FCC and Industry Canada approved; cETLus approved
ALERT NOTIFICATIONS: Power Loss, Connectivity, Lamp, Ballast and signal loss per device
RELAY DRIVE OUTPUT: Up to (4) active high outputs @ 20 AMPS each
CURRENT SENSOR (CT) PER OUTPUT: Lamp and Ballast outage detection
AUXILIARY INPUT & OUTPUT: Optional accessories
INTEGRAL PHOTOCELL: Daytime override option and fail safe feature
EXPENDABLE I/O: Future use
LED INDICATOR: For diagnostics – Green, Blue, Flashing Red and Flashing Orange
INPUT & OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 120, 208, 240, 277, 347 and 480VAC
FUSING: In-line fusing on output/load side; input side is optional
ENCLOSURE TYPE: Aluminum or Steel, IP56 Rated
FINISH: Each enclosure is finished with a baked-on polyester powder finishng process.
Standard color for pole mounted nodes is bronze, and black for wall mounted nodes.
Additional colors are offered but could extend standard lead times. Custom colors are available upon request but additional charges may apply
Pole mounted node: 7.00 T x 11.00 W x 11.00 D @ 15 LBS +/- (circular shape)
Wall mounted node: 11.50 T x 6.50 W x 6.50 D @ 12 LBS +/- (rectangular shape)
Note: Custom pole fitter is needed to attach pole mount node to the specific pole OD
EPA: .03
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40° C to +75° C (-40° F to +167° F)
OPERATING HUMIDITY RANGE: 20% – 90% non-condensing
WARRANTY: Limited 2 years
California Title 24 Compliant
Made in U.S.A.



Anytown, USA
Installation: January 2010

Honda USA was a new ground-up dealership that utilized “state of the art” lighting technologies and control systems, making it the first Honda dealership in Anytown, USA to become LEED certified. The savings started when they specified the more energy-efficient 775 watt PSMH Natural White® lamps for their site lighting needs. This gave a 22% energy savings over the commonly used 1000 watt MH lamps used in other dealerships, while improving a visual experience of improved light levels.

Honda USA paired energy-efficient lighting with the unique netLiNK Wireless Control System. Now, not only are they receiving the benefits of being able to control each individual feature, notifications of outages, and the ability to view real time savings data, they also drastically reduced their installation costs. Typically all lighting circuits are tied back to one main house power panel.  With netLiNK, the lighting now longer had to be tied back to one centralized house panel, which reduced the amount of wire, labor and panel sizes.  netLiNK connects to power from the closest panel and then a custom wireless control system in created based on site specific needs.

“The netLiNK system has allowed us to wirelessly manage our burn cycles on the lamps and minimize unnecessary use of electricity which saves money, our environment, and natural resources. We are so happy with the netLiNK and lighting system that we are also putting it on our new Cadillac store!”

-Mr. Smith and Ms. Jones / Owners